Vendors in numbers

An important question whether you are investigating the competition, a potential supplier, or a possible investment is “how much?”. Now, not all companies are public, or required to publish any sort of information, and those that do publish information do not always provide the same information so it is hard to compare with other’s.

Some vendors list their customers (example, example) but how active are they, how big are they? Do they have more customers? Some vendors give the total number of subscribers provisioned (example), but how many licenses does that mean have been sold over the years, how many of these devices are under a support agreement of some kind? Some still will mention other metrics like their largest deployment (attainable or attained?), total number of customers (example), etc. Besides the difficulty to compare different types of numbers, there will always remain a feeling that the number presented has been carefully selected to be the company’s best advantage.

Here I would like to suggest a number which, although not specific to the industry and dependent on the company’s strategy, is at least common to many vendors and not easily doctored to look good: the number of LinkedIn followers. This number marks the number of people on LinkedIn‘s professional social network who are interested in receiving updates from this company (posts, new products, etc.). Obviously, some regions or some companies might not put as much focus on the usage of LinkedIn and will have fewer followers but overall it gives a feeling of the interest of a part of the industry for these vendors (including their other products – not only their ACS). A number to take with a pinch of salt (like all numbers), but a number nonetheless.

The numbers for a some ACS vendors are presented here in alphabetical order, as of October 2nd, 2012:

  • ADB: 1303 followers
  • Affinegy: 60 followers
  • AVSystem: 10 followers
  • Axiros: 10 followers
  • Calix: 1,452 followers
  • Clear Access (now Cisco): 151 followers (Cisco: 310,414 followers)
  • Comtrend: 158 followers
  • Consona: 944 followers
  • Dimark: 14 followers
  • Friendly tech: 76 followers
  • Incognito: 355 followers
  • Jungo: 496 followers
  • Motive: 374 followers
  • Netmania: 37 followers
  • Tilgin: 448 followers
  • Works systems: 41 followers

This post was also the occasion to add more vendors to the list present on this site, so do not hesitate to contact me if you know of, or work for, vendors not listed here!

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2 Responses to Vendors in numbers

  1. Koen Peeters says:

    Fine Point Technologies: 26 followers

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