Cisco “talks” TR-069

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In a recent post on their blog, Cisco “talks” TR-069. Nothing new under the sun, Cisco just links in the post TR-069, DOCSIS, and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) – part of their current marketing pitch towards the industry.

For those who missed the news, earlier this year Cisco acquired Vancouver, WA-based Clear Access for their ACS product (the CPE part of the Clear Access business remaining independent – “with what future?” is another question). The future of Clear Access’ ACS (Clear Vision) is reiterated in this blog post: “ClearAccess management and software capabilities will augment Cisco Prime – Cisco’s network management software portfolio – by offering a set of powerful and sophisticated tools for provisioning, monitoring and managing bandwidth usage, parental controls, and diagnostics to connected devices in the home.”

This begs the question of whether or not Clear Access’ management software will also be sold, under a new form, as a stand-alone ACS or limited to deployments and operators where Cisco Prime is already present. Question all the more valid since Cisco also acquired NDS, owner of Jungo, a Residential Gateway-software and TR-069 ACS vendor. Could Clear Access become the TR-069 ACS of Cisco for opportunities coming from the network end, and Jungo’s Panorama the TR-069 ACS of Cisco for opportunities coming from the CPE end?

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